Auction N.5
wed 8 - mon 20 February 2023
8th-20th February 2023 - 2 pm
Modern and Contemporary Art
8th-20th February 6th 2023
Viewing lots by appointment

Monday-Friday 9.30 am-1.30 pm | 3-5.30 pm
Milan, Via Sant'Agnese 18

The auction will end starting at 14:00 on February 20th and the lots will close progressively from lot 1 within one minute of each other. For each bid received 30 second before the closing of the lot, the 1-minute countdown will restart, only for that lot.

To participate in the auction it is necessary to create a personal profile in My Ambrosiana by sending a valid identity document, in order to obtain a username and password.
For more information on participation in the timed auction, we invite you to view the file "indications for participate in the timed auction" in the section HOW TO PARTECIPATE of the site.

Auction N.32
Milan, Via Sant'Agnese 18, thu 4 May 2023
modern and contemporary art

Thursday, May 4th 2023 - 4pm
Milan, Via Sant'Agnese 18, 

Lots exhibition 

April 26th - May 3rd (10am - 6pm)
Milan, Via Sant'Agnese 18