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Ambrosiana Auction House is born in 2017 in the quarter between Corso Magenta and Sant’Ambrogio Square. Ambrosiana was created by Andrea Poleschi and it is inspired by Poleschi Auction House, who has seen Poleschi engaged as his representative since its founding in 2009.

With a spirit curious and up to date on the art market, Poleschi Auction House was focused on valuable artworks of Italian and international artists, with a particular attention on the condition and quality of the works. Andrea Poleschi’s familiarity with this sector worked in his favour. In fact Andrea Poleschi has worked since from the young age alongside his father Vittorio in the gallery of the family: Poleschi Arte. The art gallery is present in the territory since 1977 and it has had the honor to show in its exhibition spaces important artists such as Aubertin, Adami, Afro, Castellani, Licini, Gilardi, Simeti and so forth. It is also present at the most important Italian art fairs. Following these experiences and thanks to a deeper knowledge of Italian and international art, Andrea Poleschi had the great idea to reinvent himself with the creation of Ambrosiana Auction House.

This one has headquartered in Sant’Agnese street and it has the aim to pursue a steady growth in the quality of the artworks choose. It wants also offer a free and confidential evaluation service and pay particular attention to the ever-evolving art market.

Our Staff

Andrea Poleschi


Francesca Benedetta Colombo

Head of department
Contemporary and modern art

Chiara Riva


Dario Fontana

Transport and customer service

Sofia Cisotto

Department assistant

Romina Guidelli

Specialist (Rome)