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- AUTORI VARI : SEGNOEPOESIA  (1987)  - tecnica mista su cartoncino - Auction Modern and Contemporary Art - Ambrosiana Casa D'aste
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tecnica mista su cartoncino
Edition of 100 Edition no. 14 Edition set composed by 12 works on cardboard realized for Centro Culturale d'arte Bellora based in Milan Each work has the stamp and the signature of Centro Culturale d'arte Bellora on the reverse WORK 1: Vincenzo ACCAME ink and letraset cm. 27.5x20 Signed, dated "Accame, 1987" (lower centre) WORK 2: Mirella BENTIVOGLIO letraset on lithography cm. 27.5x20 Dated, signed, written "1987, Bentivoglio, Fiori nell'intrico ("Poesia") (lower centre) WORK 3: Ugo CARREGA stamp and acrylic cm. 27.5x20 WORK 4: Agostino FERRARI graphite and acrylic cm. 27.5x20 Dated, signed "87, Agostino Ferrari" (lower left) WORK 5: Riccardo GUARNERI watercolour cm. 27.5x20 Signed "Riccardo Guarneri" (lower centre) WORK 6: Magdalo MUSSIO graphite and collage cm. 20x27.5 Signed "Mussio" (lower right) WORK 7: Lamberto PIGNOTTI mixed media on litography cm. 27.5x20 Written, signed, dated, signed "Alice e lo specchio, Lamberto Pignotti, 1987, Pignotti" (centre) WORK 8: Giò POMODORO watercolour on etching cm. 20x27.5 Numbered "17/100" (lower left) Signed "Giò Pomodoro" (lower right) WORK 9: Adriano SPATOLA collage cm. 27.5x20 Signed "Spatola" (lower right) WORK 10: Walter VALENTINI graphite, collage, tempera on Duchene's cardboard cm. 27.5x20 Signed "Valentini" (lower left) WORK 11: Arturo VERMI mixed media and collage cm. 20x27.5 Signed "Arturo Vermi" (lower left) WORK 12: William XERRA collage, graphite, watercolour cm. 27.5x20 Signed, dated "Xerra, 87" (lower right)
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